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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Mumford and Sons come to town

I live in Troy, a town of approximately 25,000 people. Suddenly increase that number two-fold – thanks to the denizens of the Mumford and Sons folk band, as its rollicking music road show came to town – you would expect to feel the town tilting on its axis, or spinning off center, or at least the locals in alarm, taking to the fire hoses to wash away any random hipster. But that hasn’t been the case. I live on the West side of town, the concert is toward the square at the high school football field, and except for the random and blinking sign alerting concert-goers where to park, there hasn’t been much to report. The masses have huddled themselves downtown as the city planned, but it’s still a strange feeling, knowing if I had to run my late water bill to the city building, I would be greeted by police tape and asked for a $5 admittance fee so I can hear a Beatles cover band, or pay triple the price for a beer. Troy has been a lot of things to me during the 15 on and off years I’ve lived near, in or around it; but home to a music festival never really struck me as one of them.

And what of the football field? Is there anything more holy or sacred in a town than its football field? Friday was opening night for the high school football season (Troy played the night before at Wayne High School in Huber Heights), but the hallowed grass at Troy Memorial Stadium will most likely not survive 40,000 music fans over the course of two days. Pity the poor earth.

All questions to be resolved soon I suppose. Now that Troy can add quirky festival town to its nameplate, what comes next?



Let’s try this blog thing again

Blogging is not a stranger to me, though you may find my blogging strange. I’ve blogged anonymously, un-anonymously and about a range of topics from politics, sports to mixed martial arts, and hopefully the time I’ve spent doing this – writing sports, news and politics the last 10 years in the newspaper business – will translate something to this page worth the time of an occasional reader.

What will this blog be about? Nothing in particular. For the first time in my carefully crafted life, I’m turning my back to the wind and letting it fly. Maybe this will be an extension of my sports writing, maybe it will be a re-birth and continuation of my brief stint writing politics, or maybe I’ll just concern myself with life in the rustic and rusty Midwest.

Whatever I do, the following is meant to be an exercise in putting pen to paper and finger to keyboard. For the first time in a while, I have no inch counts, no word counts. I’m no longer bound by the limited white space on the page. Dear Lord, let me use it creatively and well.