B.J. Bethel

A view of the world from Ohio

Let’s try this blog thing again

Blogging is not a stranger to me, though you may find my blogging strange. I’ve blogged anonymously, un-anonymously and about a range of topics from politics, sports to mixed martial arts, and hopefully the time I’ve spent doing this – writing sports, news and politics the last 10 years in the newspaper business – will translate something to this page worth the time of an occasional reader.

What will this blog be about? Nothing in particular. For the first time in my carefully crafted life, I’m turning my back to the wind and letting it fly. Maybe this will be an extension of my sports writing, maybe it will be a re-birth and continuation of my brief stint writing politics, or maybe I’ll just concern myself with life in the rustic and rusty Midwest.

Whatever I do, the following is meant to be an exercise in putting pen to paper and finger to keyboard. For the first time in a while, I have no inch counts, no word counts. I’m no longer bound by the limited white space on the page. Dear Lord, let me use it creatively and well.


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