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Donald Trump’s other brand – his Anti-Semitic Twitter horde

Emile Zola – author of the most important article in the history of journalism – once wrote optimistically and inevitably, “The truth is on the march and nothing will stop it.”

Zola – whose own march toward truth likely led to his murder – wrote those words in response to the conviction of Alfred Dreyfuss, a French artillery officer, who was falsely convicted of treason based on his Jewish heritage. Dreyfuss was later exonerated after relentless effort from Zola, who brought the case to light in the French paper L’Aurore under the greatest headline written in any language, “J’accuse`”.

Marching loudly and profoundly behind the Donald Trump online is a streak of anti-Semitism that bounces from tweet to tweet.

The truth is out there – and so are the facts, if you are an inquiring journalist – but since Zola died in 1902, it has been buried beneath millions of murdered Jews. The pogroms in Russia and Europe to start the century, Hitler’s genocide four decades later that shaped the rest of the 1900s, and the lie that continues to spin around the world while the truth is too dizzy to put on its pants: whether it’s the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” the Islamist jihadist, the “libertarian” connecting the dots from Hollywood to banking.

Trump’s latest harangue at his presumptive presidential opponent, Hillary Clinton, featured a ‘star of David’ symbol in a Twitter meme, which he quickly deleted and refurbished with a circle. As with anything on the internet, there is no deletion, and Trump was caught in a wave of controversy, which entangled his Jewish son-in-law

The controversy came simultaneously with former New Republic editor Franklin Foer’s devastating Slate article on Donald Trump’s connection to Vladimir Putin and other Russian interests. This followed Chris Zappone of Australia’s The Age, putting the pieces together on Russia fronting an information war for Trump in the election.

Much of that information is through Twitter and has two common threads – a relentless pro-Russia position (an obvious sign since the general Trump voter’s interest in Russian politics is most likely non existent) and the worst of anti-Semitism. Neither is coincidence.

Is Trump an anti-Semite himself? Hopefully not, but a presidential campaign doesn’t exist in the vacuum of the individual running for office, but is as much – if not more – about those who seek to have him elected. That Putin – who has been handing cash to France’s Nationalist Front (oh Zola, how we need you now), and running cash and other manpower to far-right campaigns across Europe in Hungary, Germany and other countries in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis, should be disconcerting enough. The situation is made worse with Trump, who lacks the self-awareness to even gauge his own mouth, let alone the dirty underpinnings of his own campaign or any bad actors that may hitch their wagon to his possible election.

World War III is happening on the internet to a certain extent, with Russians hacking the Democratic National Committee in search of opposition research on Trump. Nearly a century after Lenin’s death, the Motherland has finally found its perfect useful idiot, and that person is The Donald.
This is one tweet by one Trump fan, but is indicative of the racism that’s regularly on display and has been covered in the press. Scan further and you’ll see Holocaust denial, on top of anti-Semitism.


In case there is doubt.

This is the Culture of Trump, whether it’s the Tweets, the pushing and shoving at rallies, the Anti-Semitism from followers, or the odd and strange way his ‘American’ followers overwhelming and intrinsic interest in Russian domestic and international politics.

Julia Ioffe, the Jewish journalist who profiled Melania Trump, is an expert on Russia. After her profile, she began getting constant, random and threatening phone calls, some playing Hitler speeches, other’s somehow worse. This harassment she had experienced before – in Russia. Was the article overly critical? Not at all, but it let out that Melania Trump has a half-brother the family isn’t in contact with.

The attacks on Ioffe are scary, not just because of their Anti-Semitic overtones, the horrible threats she’s endured, but because of her high profile. If a writer who is noted as one of the best experts on a major country, writes for GQ and New York Times is subject to this kind of harassment, what of the little people? Trump has made the elimination of protection against journalists a major campaign point. He spent nearly an hour of his speech in Cincinnati on Wednesday, July 6 ranting against the media, including outlets like CNN which air him constantly and have given him free advertising – handy since his fundraising is nearly nonexistent.

Ioffe isn’t the only reporter to be criminally harassed and the target of the most vile of speech. Jeffrey Goldberg received an email from a Trump supporter, saying The Atlantic report would be “sent to an oven” upon the election of Trump. Ben Shapiro, a hard-right conservative and former writer for Breitbart, has not supported Trump and been the target of numerous anti-Semitic remarks. Jonathan Weismann of the New York Times has spent countless time dealing with the same bigoted remarks and retweeted countless threatening comments made toward him on Twitter.

Bryce Covert of Think Progress published an op-ed in the Times blasting Trump’s agenda, and has received the same anti-Semitic remarks. Covert’s case is surprisingly bad, as Covert never made any Jewish heritage public, and serial harassers had to dig up information on a grandmother to find the lineage.

What are Republicans to do? Their convention is fast approaching, some members of the party establishment – such as Sen. Lamar Alexander – have said Trump won’t necessarily emerge from the convention as the nominee, others have been pushing for the party to support Gary Johnson, a former governor and regular Libertarian candidate for president, who received an astounding 11 percent of the vote according to one poll.



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