B.J. Bethel

A view of the world from Ohio

The Trump administration is finished

Of all the possible high crimes and misdemeanors committed by the Trump administration, nothing could be worse for this president than to become a bore.

He threatens NATO, he stand on stage next to a murderous authoritarian Putin and said he’d be willing to hand over a former U.S. diplomat and Russian assassination target, both U.S. citizens who have committed no crimes. He was immediately rebuffed by the GOP-led Senate which voted over 90, re-affirming America’s backing of NATO and telling the president he can hand Bill Browder and Michael McFaul to the Russians over their dead political body.

Trump as a domestic political entity is all but done. He has no domestic policy to push, and after the two Senate resolutions slapping his wrist, the Republicans have had their fill. They’ve criticized him verbally for months, now they’ve put it in legislation.

Trump resorted to old tricks Sunday – declaring in an ALL CAPS screed against Iranian President Rouhani he would unleash hell against the country in a dangerous and twisted Twitter rant to sway press attention from the trial of his former campaign manager Paul Manafort, which was scheduled to begin Wednesday. This fooled no one, as media joked on Twitter at his effort to once again flip the news cycle.

Trump’s way of Making America Great Again, by threatening nuclear war to divert from bad news, has somehow become tired. Sarah Sanders arrogant daily press conferences belay the fact. Manafort will go on trial, witnesses have been given immunity.

Trump’s base of supporters has grown increasingly silent. Except for Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity, his lead water carriers on Fox News, most avoid discussing him in public.

“There was nothing to do with Russia,” they say. If you go to he top of this page, there’s a menu button full of stories from this blog and Chris Zappone who prove that is false. Outside of that, its the usual liberal media conspiracies. While Trump is trying to bring coal back from the dead, there have been more journalism jobs lost than in the coal industry, yet this powerful industry somehow maintains control of everything. Newspapers and cable channels which have interns doing jobs once reserved for new hires, are struggling, but somehow pulling the strings of society.

This same rant, which has been the right wing media trope of all tropes for three decades, won’t wear out. But it’s become boring as well. Trump has the most powerful office in the world, is best friends of the country’s top tabloid, and enjoys support from the No. 1 cable news network, yet whines constantly about coverage, even singling out members of the press. When Bill Clinton said Rush Limbaugh had an advantage of “three hours of uncountered air time a day,” it was considered an attack on a private citizen. Trump attacks private citizens daily.

So what bores the public first? Trump’s criminality, which will just further the cynicism of the American public, or Trump himself, which makes his departure from the White House more certain to be sooner than later.



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